I wanted to create a platform where people could share vulnerabilities and work together to find light in every dark situation. Our experiences often motivate every action to follow and these experiences, as we endure, cause us to become either devoted, destructive, or depressed.


Close your eyes and read this if you can.


(I’m kidding. Sorry, that didn’t work out for you.)


But seriously, imagine right now…


The most vital organ beneath the skin, constantly driving the body to receive the nutrients it needs to operate. Pounds of flesh all functioning by the beat of this tiny ten-ounce tissue:


your heart.


 Tirelessly distributing gallons of blood to the entire body, the heart pumps enough times per day to send nourishment to even the tiniest crevices of the brain:


Your mind.


While the heart is definitely important to our overall body, the mind is just as important. Our mind is what puts our bodies into action. Everything a human thinks, says, feels, tastes, smells, dreams, remembers…even things unremembered are stored within the brain system.



Even the things we aim to forget have taken root within that powerful organ that is constantly working to get you to act and do. Sometimes these things can be so overwhelming that our reaction becomes inaction. And other times, we seek distractions to suppress the pain.


I think it’s pretty important to remember, however, that for every action, there is a reaction, even if that action/reaction is inaction, altogether. And inaction/distractions only make things worse.


Basically, what I’m saying is that our problems don’t go away by our ability to set them aside and find other distractions to take place. There is so much purpose to all the things that cause us to hurt, which is why I was motivated to create this platform.


I wanted to bring people together to talk about the sweet taboos of life. A place without judgement, a place of empathy and understanding, where we can admit our flaws as we strive to overcome the ugliness in them and seek the beauty of wisdom in this thing called life.


Hearts Of One Kind Evolving Daily (HOOKEDis for all those who have clocked out from life’s worries, and “gone fishing,” only to find themselves like Nemo and Dory, searching for a sense of home with no recollection of which way to go.


Biologically, many fish species have actually evolved to swim in schools as a way of being able to protect themselves from predators, swim more efficiently and become better fed. Each member plays a key roll in pacing the group forward as they each must remain aware of the nearest fish, slowing down for those ahead, and speeding up for those behind. While HOOKED is definitely a place to learn and grow, think of it also as a wave we create — like a school of fish, where we make strength of our numbers by coordinating together to find hope and move humanity upward.


HOOKED, Hearts Of One Kind Evolving Daily, is a synergistic movement aimed towards overcoming the unwarranted setbacks of life, learning not to dwell, and finding positive solution to our pain. Whether your looking to survive and seek support through others, or have a desire to support others and contribute your own wisdoms, you should definitely get