hashtag: relationship goals

Okay, so…the following information is a bit difficult to admit:


“Hi, my name is Brooke…and I am a hopeless romantic.”


If you’re lost about the characteristics of a hopeless romantic, The Thought Catalog explains it perfectly.


Can I tell you how extremely shocked I was after reading that article? There were only like three characteristics on a list of 15 that weren’t completely false, but weren’t totally pertaining to me, either.


I mean… it’s not like everyone didn’t know. Most of my favorite movies are chic-flicks, Lion King, and family Holiday comedies.  But, I guess, even movies need conflict in order to achieve resolution.


Anyways, since I was a kid, I’ve constantly been stuck in this realm of love, and most definitely have kept my head in the clouds while falling for my fair share of bullshit.


Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the times when I would wake my mother up, away from my Saturday morning cartoons, to lay in her bed and ask, “Mommy, can you to tell me the story of how you & daddy got married, again?”


Seeing my mom’s face light up when she mentioned all the parts of my dad that made her fall in love was even better than watching “Illuminating Television. ” It was that same spark that made me blind to the way she would quickly tread through the difficult stages of their relationship in her storytelling.


Growing up, I longed for that exact thing that lit up my mothers face, as I remained focused on the bright side of things. Through each dating process, I would graciously smile, and give my understanding of love: patience, kindness, selflessness, etc. But at the point when that would get boring for my partner, and my ability to sustain this character was unrealistic (passive-aggressive might be what they call it), the relationship itself would get awkward, and the attraction would begin to fade and wander.


I realize, now, that in any relationship, you can’t avoid the downfalls; and when you try to, they find a way to catch up with you and force you to confront them, regardless.  While a little arguing is bound to happen in any partnership, that also doesn’t necessitate the need for constant arguing; there should be a healthy balance.


In learning someone else, you’re not always going to get it right. It’s the amount of care, passion, consideration and genuine, selfless love that makes any relationship truly work. Everyone has their issues, and beyond compatibility, a partnership requires each individual to be able to consistently & openly communicate, and grow.


It’s safe to say I’ve failed a few times in my attempt to achieve #relationshipgoals. I was always one of those people that wanted the glories of love, but I continuously would try to avoid the trenches. And that somehow always caught up with me, even haunted me in some cases.


The ratio of bitter people in this world to the number of happy couples, lets me know that somehow I’m not the only hopeless romantic out here. So many of us are desperate to know love in its true form to the point that every picture of a couple has become “hashtag: relationship goals.” Yet somehow we fail to realize that, just like with any goal, there is a certain amount of work that needs to be put in before becoming successful.


Just like that goal of getting a college degree, or a job promotion, a relationship is going to require hard work and dedication as well. So, don’t give up so easily when the going gets tough. When you find somebody you genuinely like and care for, don’t be so quick to give up or shut them out; be courageous enough to share those broken parts of you and trust that they’ll be able understand, that those pieces will only reflect light in them. Trust that they care enough to remain by your side and know how to handle the shattered offerings of your heart without cutting you in the process.












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