strictly for my…

Racism exists.


How racism exists and race doesn’t, is just how everything else exists, I suppose. But that would be a whole dissertation if I tried to get us all to understand what I meant by that.


I will attempt to give y’all the most simple example of racism through Hazel E. and the comments she made towards her cast members. Her statements made it plain and clear that racism is even a thing within the black community and like Jay-Z put it, we are “still nigga” because of such ignorant thinking. As a brown girl who has been stereotyped often for her proper speech & fine grade of hair, colorism in the black community has always been one of thee most aggravating things in the world. I’m not even offended personally by Hazel’s statement, because at the end of the day, regardless of if I’m black as charcoal or white as snow, or any other color within that spectrum, I know for a fact that by the birds that fly high, God made no mistake in making each and everyone of us beautiful when He factored us into this universe.


Though I’m hurt for her, it’s not even about her. I’m hurt to know that there are more people that are with out there with a similar soul-less thinking pattern. Like dude, Colin Kaepernick is out here losing endorsements and a whole football career trying to fight for equality and we just got dragged back 200+ years with the brown paper bag statement! Meanwhile, your soul is as black as Samuel L. Jackson in Django (don’t want to contradict everything I just said, but it just made the most sense to liken her statements to that character).


But, seriously.


This is one of the most difficult subjects to tackle because I want black people to get it, I really do, but I want to be sensitive to our pain at the same time.


Black is beautiful. Trust me, I love us. Beyond our pigment, our hair, and our God-given gifts, we are reminders of human strength and resilience.


But just because black is beautiful, doesn’t mean that white is any more, or less beautiful.    And if we want to break the mentality of our white oppressors, we first have to live as if we truly believe in our beauty. That our beauty is more than skin deep and it can’t be validated by our money, our cars, our chains, or our lacefronts.


Our black is beautiful because of our desire to graciously love in the face of our adversaries. Our black is beautiful because of our ability to remain hopeful amidst life’s adversities. Our black is beautiful because, just like the universe, there’s so much light within our canvas.


Our black is beautiful because we are natural-born leaders and examples of what the human race should be as a whole.


…I just wish we would start living it.


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