iStan for justice


Out of respect for Eminem, I would never Stan for him; after all, I’m pretty sure it was he who coined that term and showed us the dangers of becoming a crazed fan. However,  I’ve always appreciated his lyricism. Though, if I’m being honest” at times I did have to stop listening because his delivery was so angry and my meek little spirit couldn’t take it.

But that’s the dope thing about Eminem to me.

He’s always giving us the real Slim Shady.

That should be good enough reason for us all to appreciate this verse from the BET Hip-Hop Awards 2017 Cypher.

To nothing but the parking garage echoes of the breaths of he and his silenced homeboys standing behind him, Eminem gives us “fuck-a-beat-I’ll-go-acapella,” Detroit-born realness. (Like watching this literally makes me feel like I’m watching a scene from 8-mile.)

Cultural appropriation? That would be such an irrelevant topic for this subject matter..for a number of reasons,  including the fact that Eminem has worn nothing but zip-up hoodies and hats for decades now (I mean, he did try it with the du-rag thing for a second, but hey, you can’t blame a brother for wanting waves). Anyways, lets all “Stay Woke” here — this freestyle wasn’t even about Marshall Mather’s himself. Please, don’t be such a Stan that you lose the point of the message. This man touched on the very topics that so many other American’s are either complaining about, wish they had a platform for, or are afraid to talk about altogether.

Through word play and visual imagery, we get classic Marshall Mather’s as his tone draws us through both the calms and the storms, making it hard to avoid the current Cold War-like tension in not only our nation, but across the world.

While  I still find it difficult to agree wholeheartedly with his delivery (only because I don’t think “Fuck Donald Trump” is the exact message this country needs), his consistency as a sarcastic asshole, yet passionate lyricist made Eminem the perfect candidate to address Donald Trump, while simultaneously breaking American’s from their silence.

We are living in some trying times, most definitely. But it’s important for each of us to recognize how our individual voices truly matter in the impact we make as a whole.

It’s almost like the “Battle of the Bands” events in college. I remember getting so excited to watch the bands go at it at football games and events, and while hitting the right note was very important, what made the winning band better was the impact they made through their sound (usually the band with the larger tuba section).

Think of our nation as a band/choir. Right now, we are making some pretty awful music. But the more were are able speak up, work through our differences, and find understanding, the more impactful we become to those that need to hear our voice.



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